DIY versus hiring a pro: graphic & web design

“Just GOOGLE it!” We live in a world where information is accessible at the tip of our fingers. We can youtube how to fix that plumbing problem, sign up for that free or low-cost software-as-a-service (SAAS) that’ll do a “quick and dirty” version of what we need. Instant gratification and saving money… that’s what it’s[…]

A Celebration of Women: International Women’s Day Luncheon

Recently I attended an annual luncheon to celebrate International Women’s Day organized by the local Chamber of Commerce, featuring an annual recipient of the Woman of the Year Award, and keynote address. This event draws a few hundred women from business and social services communities in the region and is a valuable way to connect,[…]

#GWEnGetsSocial about Facebook Live

We spent an afternoon all about Facebook Live today and want to share with YOU what we’ve come up with for tips, trick and more! Do… strategy and purpose for the live broadcast gather your audience during your introduction promote that you’re going live in advance end your broadcast with a call to action —[…]

Connecting for Success: The GWEn Mastermind Groups

This month sees the end of the first full 12-month GWEn Mastermind group, and wow… what a year! The growth that has been seen by the group members has been palpable. Shells have been broken out of, personal AND business development has happened, collaboration and connections have been created, and new friendships formed. When I thought[…]

Tap Into the Power of a Mastermind

Owning and operating a business can be isolating. Whether you have staff, a team that you work with, or are a solo-superwoman, who can you turn to for business advice, experience and idea sharing? Who is there to hold you accountable to your goals, and to run those quirky 3am ideas past? Having a business[…]

Can ANYONE be an Entrepreneur?

This is a question that’s been looming in the back of my mind the past week or so. After attending the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce’s Niagara Economic Summit on October 30th, and hearing the “buzz” be around all things entrepreneurial – it made me wonder if we’re sending an accurate, or complete, message to[…]

#GWEn2015 speakers are rock stars!

This year’s GWEn Conference roster is full of instantly recognizable names of women entrepreneurs. As these ladies have built their companies in Niagara and beyond, they’ve found success in brand development, marketing, community engagement and social media. We’re excited to learn from them and go “Beyond the Brand” for a day of education, inspiration and[…]

If you could invest to receive a 525% rate of return in 1 year, would you?

The one thing every successful entrepreneur has in common is continuous improvement through learning. It may not be conventional post-secondary education at a university or college program. It may not even be in a traditional curriculum-based course. As entrepreneurs we must continuously be working on ourselves, our business and expanding our vision in order to[…]

Networking: Think Outside The Box

You’ve read the blogs, articles, 10 tips, and so much more on networking your business effectively at business networking events. It’s time to think outside the networking box and look at how we talk about and promote our business outside of the good ol’ business networking event. What social events do you already attend? What[…]