#GWEnGetsSocial about Facebook Live

We spent an afternoon all about Facebook Live today and want to share with YOU what we’ve come up with for tips, trick and more!


  1. strategy and purpose for the live broadcast
  2. gather your audience during your introduction
  3. promote that you’re going live in advance
  4. end your broadcast with a call to action — what do you want people to do?
  5. think about where you are, background sounds and lighting
  6. give shout outs to your location if you’re filming at a business other than yours
  7. keep it professional and on brand
  8. don’t be afraid to rehearse what you’re going to say before going live
  9. decide in advance if you’re going to engage with your audience comments throughout the broadcast or wait til the end (except with Q&A’s)
  10. think of the camera angle, using a selfie stick or having someone hold on to it for you


  1. get too wrapped up in the broadcast: it’s live and the world will be able to see it
  2. talk for too long.. your audience only has a certain attention span
  3. ramble or babble – be clear and to the point in your message
  4. post without a description telling the audience what your video is all about (in case they can’t watch it)
  5. facebook live in the semi-nude or nude


This is what we’ve come up with… have anything to add? We’d love to increase the tips!

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