Connecting for Success: The GWEn Mastermind Groups

This month sees the end of the first full 12-month GWEn Mastermind group, and wow… what a year!

The growth that has been seen by the group members has been palpable. Shells have been broken out of, personal AND business development has happened, collaboration and connections have been created, and new friendships formed.

When I thought of introducing this morphed idea of business coaching along with the collaborative support of a Mastermind group, I had no idea if it would be successful or benefit the parties involved. Don’t tell the first group, but they were kind of like my own guinea pigs to develop the best program possible to benefit the GWEn entrepreneur who needs help growing their business savvy, establish direction and accountability to achieve their goals.

Since I was creating content as needed by the group members, the facilitation aspect of the group is customized to their strengths and weaknesses, what challenges they’re encountering in business, and what fears they’re trying to face. This allows our monthly group meetings to not only chat about wins and challenges that each member has, but show that no business owner is alone in the struggles they face – from networking effectively to understanding and organizing their finances.

Group meetings are only one aspect of the Mastermind participation. I’ve seen the most success from those who have actively engaged with the business coaching through a monthly 1-on-1 session and available email/telephone access because they are not only being held additionally accountable between the monthly group meetings, but are able to dive deeper and focus on more serious issues they’re encountering and tackle them head on with my assistance.

Taking the age-old principals of the Mastermind (such as collaborative discussion on issues one person’s encountering), and including the attention, knowledge and guidance of a business consultant, sprinkling it with accountability and support in a safe a confidential environment, I watched the group members blossom and face fears, become more confident and on the road to achieving even bigger goals in 2017.

Never to assume this result would always be the case, I started a second 12-month GWEn Mastermind in June of 2016, and six months in, we’re already seeing transformations and collaborations, best sales months and big deadlines being put into achieving milestones on their way to bigger goals.

chairs-chair-circle-therapyAs the business consultant to these entrepreneurs, I’m overjoyed to see their progress. Their wins are my wins.

I can’t wait to start another group in January (applications close December 31), welcoming back some of the 2016 members, and opening up 2 new slots for other GWEn entrepreneurs interested in seeing personal and professional growth happen in 2017!

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