Off your game?

Summer can bring with it sunshine, beach days, and unpredictability. All of which can throw you off your game. Your routine is altered. People aren’t as easy to get in touch with. Business development takes a back seat to patio drinks with friends.

In business, activity brings more activity. In other words… sales. Momentum lost can mean a slow in sales, a slow in cashflow, and make those annual goals seem further away.
So how do you get your game back?

Here are a few tips that I’ve seen work for myself or clients of mine… they might work for you too!

Stick to your calendar: start scheduling business development into your days, whether it be formal networking events, informal chats, or taking focused time to prospect. Treat it like any other “must do” task to get you back into the groove of consistent development. No excuses, no beach days, until your development is done that day.

Review your goals and committed actions: review your goals for the year, as well as what you had planned for the last quarter. Tweak what’s necessary, be realistic. Get that drive back to power through the last part of the year to squash your goals, and then some.

Find a buddy or check-in partner: with schedules back to a more regular pace, it can be an ideal time to find an accountability buddy or mastermind group for the last 4 months of the year. Keep each other motivated, on track, and plan time to co-work together so that you’re focused on what needs to be done.

When opportunity knocks: you’re not the only one getting refocused in their business. Get out there more than usual, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to collaborate or joint venture with others, whether it be on projects or marketing. It’s also event season, so be sure to pick one BIG event you’re excited to attend that’ll bring value and ideas for you in your business. This will often fan the flame you have for your business and could offer some prosperous new connections!

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