Tap Into the Power of a Mastermind

Owning and operating a business can be isolating. Whether you have staff, a team that you work with, or are a solo-superwoman, who can you turn to for business advice, experience and idea sharing? Who is there to hold you accountable to your goals, and to run those quirky 3am ideas past?

Having a business advisor/consultant or “coach” can work wonders for your business growth, keep you on track and focused to reach your goals as well as provide an informed insight to help you with specific challenges you face, when you face them.

If one-on-one coaching isn’t the kind of investment or commitment that suits your business right now, an alternative option is a facilitated mastermind. GWEn’s taking the traditional Mastermind meeting idea (as originated by Napoleon Hill), and combining it with the expertise of a business coach. The best of both worlds! In a small group (maximum 5), a diversity of business owners just like you meet monthly with a business coach, and talk about challenges or topics that are relevant specifically to the members of the group through a “hot seat” format. In addition to the group meeting, one-on-one telephone meetings allow those members private consult with the business coach. This form of group coaching is more accessible for many financially, and a great introduction to the process for those who may be unsure how they would benefit.

Other benefits of a facilitated mastermind, like the one offered by GWEn, include:

  • relationship building with your fellow group members, expanding your network
  • advice and experience from your fellow group members
  • security and comfort of a confidential group
  • exclusivity by industry/service in the group (you’re the only one of you)
  • ability to collaborate with group members, refer and be referred
  • in-depth focused coaching to drill down where you need it most
  • goal-setting and work plan creation for the rest of 2016 AND 2017!

Not sure if the GWEn GO BIG Mastermind is right for you? Ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to grow my business?
  2. Do I want to expand my network?
  3. Do I want to set and achieve personal and business goals?
  4. Would I benefit from having a professional on my team to provide guidance, advice and connections?
  5. Can I commit at least 4 hours each month and a modest fee to help focus on the strategic growth of my business?

If you answered YES to the above questions, the GWEn Mastermind is right for you!

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