Creating Freedom By Design by Erica Mattia

vision board    What is freedom to you? This is such an important question in determining how you really want your future to look. It took me a long time to actually decide to look at my life and to realize that I can actually create my own reality. Have you taken time to truly think about your most beautiful, abundant, happy life? This is what freedom by design is. I created that hashtag #FreedomByDesign because I’m such a freedom junkie at heart, yet also a little “type A”. Freedom that has been designed speaks to me, something that I plan out a little, even if I just plan to not plan. Do you have a creative outlet? Something that makes you happy? I love designing spaces, creating a feeling for a room or a home, always starting from a clean slate and focusing on a specific theme or emotion. I also really love helping people to design their freedom life. An easy way to get started in designing your dream life is to write it out. Create yourself a vision. I started doing this 4 years ago and my life has changed drastically based on finally starting to clarify what I truly wanted. You can write a vision for 1 year from now if you have never done this type of exercise before, as that will help you to think as logically as you may need to. But a vision for 5 years or 10 years from now will really help you think big and dream a little! Open your heart to allow it to truly feel what you would want to feel, how does your day begin? Do you feel restored and rested? Do you have a coffee on the porch, or head to the gym? How is the rest of your day? Imagine your work being something you truly love, something that you cannot believe you are paid to do. What does that feel like? The more you can design what an ideal life looks like for you, the more the universe will conspire to help you make it happen. What you focus your energy on will come to be. The next step is to create a vision board, something to look at that shows images of what you want to have in your life. It should include colours you love, items you want, and portray a feeling that you are looking for. Display it proudly and in a place you often look. This will help your subconscious mind really focus on the things you truly want. These two steps are so vital in designing your freedom, and this is what I love to see- you living in your perfect freedom. Just remember that the process is part of the journey, you will never “get there” so enjoy life as you design that amazing future. Truly the only moment we have is right now. So dream and plan, cherish the moment, and enjoy your own #FreedomByDesign! <3





Dr. Erica Mattia is a retired chiropractor and acupuncture provider and a full time brand ambassador for USANA Health Sciences. She works from home and online with her frenchie Coconut by her side, and renovates homes with her husband as they build their freedom lifestyle together.


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